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Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills, the hill station nearby Bengaluru, is one of the places one must pay visit. The scenic beauty is appealing you to click as many clicks as you want. No wonder hills stations are known for cold weather and mountains but with the eyes of camera every click you take is unique in its own way. I heard people say, there is nothing to see at that place, only this and that thing is there but somewhere I read a beautiful line, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. You got to have those eyes to enjoy every new face of nature. And if you want to have good memories, camera is the best option in my opinion.

Nandi hills are approx. 70kms from Bengaluru. And I’ve been told to visit this hill station in the morning only otherwise you will miss to see the beauty. So as I was told, I started around 4 AM in the morning. From Bengaluru to Nandi Hills there is a straight highway up to 30 to 40 kms. Then a left turn came which will lead you to Nandi Hills. I was feeling effervescent to see the hills as I always when I plan for a trip. I reached around 6 AM.

Can you see this huge queue? They all are waiting way earlier then me to take the ticket to see Nandi Hills. Oh!! I forgot to tell you there is visiting fee you need to pay which is very nominal. After waiting for half an hour, I got my ticket. When I climbed up to see the hill, it made me feel that waiting is worth.
Hill is surrounded by a cloud, when I visited the hill. And this cloud added the extra freezing to the climate. Though rain was not coming but still I was feeling that I am walking in the rain. This all is happening due to the cloud. Small droplets coming down from trees which wet you on your every step. I was really amazed with scenic beauty. Take a look at one of the spots on the hill.



This picture can tell you the whole story of the hill. You will see many machan kind of structures along the way on hill where visitors clicking selfies and family photos for future reference. Passing this place you will find a Nandi Temple (Nandi is one of the disciples of Shiva and it is also been said Shiva mounts on Nandi (bull)). We bowed there and moved ahead. This temple is situated at the peak of the hill. Before the temple there are many local stalls from where you can suffice you appetite if you are feeling hungry by any chance. Behind that temple I’ve seen many photographers waiting for the right time to click photographs as per the imagination they are holding in their minds. If you read the history of Nandi Hills you will find many stories which all are available on wikipedia. And it would be difficult for one to have faith on one and mistrust on other. I have gone with a mind to enjoy the natural abode and the rejuvenating air of the hill and I really enjoyed it.

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Credits: Rajinder Singh Gill
Editor: Abhay Bansal