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Perfect example of humbleness.





Glimpse of Daman



Sunset Beach



Jampore Beach


Om beach


An evening beside sea.

Positive thoughts

Many says think positive. One should tell me can positive thinking change your past? I may not get the things which i lost in past, which i really long for. But staying in the pursuit of positivity could make you feel good for a short span of time. And times comes when you feel sick of staying positive and past wins your attention. And that is when, you are not able to cast out why this negativity comes.
Good things are always difficult and bad things found you viable. A human can never come out of these situations. Maybe we  humans are made this way only. It is easy to conclude or debate on things but one thing we all know from inside we all have dark side which we don’t want to show up and we prefer to wear the mask of positivity. Every day i try to win over my soul and train my mind to change things. Sometimes i win and other times i lose. And i think no one is invincible.


Its not always rain which drench you, sometimes shelters are misleading.


I have met many people who says,”Try this, it will be good for you. Try that, that will great for you. No wonder they are giving their best advice.

I always think if they would have asked first how things happen then they will be able to guide me better.Because it could be the case that you have seen worst and listener thinks it is normal.

“To me it would be best to listen them and look for what is best for in Silence. ”

Any thoughts on this are welcomed.




Do it want you want, but do it from your bottom of your heart. God never says, go to sacred places and then worship. If u do your work from your heart that is also called worship.

“Nachna v ibadat ban janda nachne da je chaj hove”


Advice is like snow- the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper in sinks into the mind.

-Smauel Taylor Coleridge


Freedom is the only ingredient which makes the bowl of life tasty and healthy.

Free Will

The best part of being considered as a mad person is that you can do anything and everything you want.


The taunting possibility of perfection is a wonderful dream.


Difficulties are capable to hold the glory of who you are.

Belief vs Expectation

Expectation is pure result of “Karma” where Belief bears both “Karma” and “Faith in Unknown”.


Choices stands on strong pillars of believe and hoping for best.

Light Up

Light Up

A puppet Show

A Puppet Show

Power of Words

Words hold the power to make you calm like water and angry like volcano.

A Nature’s Delight

Nature’s Delight


A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because his/her trust is not on the branch but on it’s wings. Always believe in yourself.

Black & White Babaji


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Black & White Babaji